Save the day with a Fun Art Box™️

If you're an adult caring for a child, chances are high that you've experienced at least one of these challenges




Take it from someone with two kids

 AND over 25 years of experience teaching children in elementary. . .

  • keeping them engaged
  • managing screentime
  • art education in the comfort of your own home
  • piquing their curiosity
  • developing their art art knowledge & skills
  • developing their creativity
  • AND encouraging them to think outside the box

We are THE one-stop shop for ALL your ART NEEDS


We have a LIBRARY of fun, colorful art lessons that cover four art techniques     — doodling, drawing, painting, and sculpting.

From sweets to cars, flamingos to corals, we make sure kids stay curious and excited.


Two choices - you can get a whole box paired with the lessons and get all the supplies needed for the activities, OR order only the things you need.

Save yourself a trip to the store and let us deliver it straight to your doorstep 


Kids always love art activities. That's just how they're programmed.  

Gift them the gift of color, creativity, and imagination with a FUN ART BOX™️. TRUST US, you'll be their favorite.

Art stimulates both sides of the brain

43% of kids are visual learners

Studies show that kids who make art, read better

Art promotes good self esteem

Kids who do art pay more attention to spaces around them

Art develops hand eye coordination

Art stimulates perception

Art encourages kids to express themselves

Art teaches that there's more than one solution to a problem

Art teaches the kids to stay curious and think openly

still not convinced?

All our lessons encourage experimental learning as children explore the art materials and the process of making art.

Here are some academic outcomes kids can pick up:


Lines, color, texture, spaces


Shapes, patterns & counting


Animals, plants and nature

Fine Motor Skills

Doodling, drawing, painting, sculpting &  coloring

Social Studies

Home, family, community, maps

Language Arts

Fun Art Box™ has a teacher read aloud for every lesson