Art is a critical component of education. 

Among other things, it enhances emotional expression and develops problem-solving skills. 

Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to incorporate it more in daily activities and maximize learning through art

but it can be challenging without support . . .

It takes a lot of


It needs to be fun and engaging

It has to be related with the lessons

You are an amazing parent. 

We want to help you add more intentional art activities for your kids without the stress of planning and preparing lessons, and then finding and purchasing supplies. 

How does it work?

As an art educator for more than 25 years, Teacher Joan has always had a knack for meeting the child and designing the experiences that they need.

Here's what we can support you with.

Get access to a library of engaging Art Classes

Now, you'll never run out of ideas because you'll get a full repository of well-thought art classes that covers four art core techniques — doodling, drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Different themes for different topics

Remember when you had trouble aligning your art classes with your Math, Language, or Science lessons? Your video library will feature themes that you can easily associate with your academic subjects.

Easy to follow videos that encourage independence

Teacher Joan is incredibly good at articulating steps. You can join in the fun or let your child try on their own. It would be a great listening and processing practice too!

Restock your shelves with a single click

Have the option to get all the supplies you need for each lesson in a FUN ART BOX™️, or order each item individually — either way, we deliver straight to your doorstep.

Celebrate milestones with a custom certificate

Increase confidence and motivation with a fun and colorful certificate with your child's name on it.

Academic Outcomes

All our lessons encourage experimental learning as children explore the art materials and the process of making art.

Here are some of the "good" that comes out of our Art Program:


Lines, color, texture, spaces


Shapes, patterns & counting


Animals, plants and nature

Fine Motor Skills

Cutting, gluing, painting, drawing, coloring, tracing, stamping

Social Studies

Home, family, community, maps

Language Arts

FAB has a recommended picture book to complement each lesson

We've seen how helpful this is for homeschooling parents like you, 

but this is definitely for you if. . .

You want to include more opportunities to foster your child's creativity and imagination.

 You want to choose the art lessons that are aligned with Language, Science and Math lessons 

You want to have a deeper understanding of the way your child processes information and expresses emotions

Art Teacher Joan has taught over 10,000 students since 1995

As an Elementary Art Educator with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she has designed experiences, lessons, and courses for children to explore, understand, and appreciate art.