Being an art therapist is incredibly rewarding 

— but we know it's not a walk in the park

Immense Emotional Investment 

Art Therapists devote a substantial amount of time, effort, and emotion to identify your clients needs and meet them where they are

Rigorous Curriculum Design

You utilize your arsenal of techniques and theories to design a tailor-fit curriculum that is both appropriate and engaging

Limited & Diverse Supplies Needed

The uniqueness of each curriculum require a big storehouse of diverse supplies — which may take a lot of space or are too expensive

You've been doing a great job supporting your clients.

We want to help you by providing you with a library of hands-on, age-friendly art experiences.

How does it work?

As an art educator for 25+ years, Teacher Joan has always had a knack in meeting the child and designing the experiences that they need. 

Here's what we can support you with.

A library of engaging Art Classes 

No more waiting for a "creative recharge". Get a full repository of thoughtful and intentional art classes that covers four core art techniquesdoodling, drawing, painting, and sculpting

Easy to follow videos that encourage independence

No more waiting for a "creative recharge". Get a full repository of thoughtful and intentional art classes

Restock your shelves with a single click

Have the option to get all the supplies you need for each lesson in a FUN ART BOX™️, or order each item individually — either way, we deliver straight to your doorstep

... or send the supplies to your client's doorstep. 

When face-to-face sessions are not possible, you can make your Zoom sessions just as fun, engaging and therapeutic by making sure your client has everything they need.

Celebrate milestones with a custom certificate 

Increase confidence and motivation with a fun and colorful certificate with yours and your client's name on it.

This resource is for you if. . .

You are interested in exploring diverse strategies and techniques

You are deeply invested in your client's growth and healing

You want to add value to your client's experience by providing them with everything they need

Art Teacher Joan has taught over 10,000 students since 1995

As an Elementary Art Educator with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she has designed experiences, lessons, and courses for children to explore, understand, and appreciate art. 


Fun Art Box can also provide full customization of our lessons, art supplies and courses to therapists looking to fulfill any specific client's needs. Please explore the products on our home page, and let us help you design the program that's right for you!