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Surprise your Little Artist with Fun Art Box™’s Mystery Art Boxes

Mar 01, 2024


"Art" you tired of the same old toys and games for your child? Looking for a fun and exciting way to engage their creativity? Fun Art Box’s Mystery Box is here to help you. These Mystery Boxes are the perfect surprises for your little artists. The boxes contain surprises from high-quality art supplies to the exciting themes you get to choose from. You will be amazed at the creative masterpieces your child will come up with. So why settle for ordinary toys when you can get your little artist a Fun Art Box Mystery Box?  

Let's take a closer look at each of these exciting themes:

Mystery Box#1:You are Rawrsome Dinosaur

For kids who are fascinated by the world of dinosaurs, the “You are Rawrsome Dinosaur” Mystery Box is the perfect choice. This box contains a range of dinosaur-themed mystery art supplies. We supply dinosaur stickers and a guided art lesson on how to draw a dinosaur! Your child can use these supplies to create their own dinosaur drawings and decorate their room with cool dinosaur-themed artwork. Click this link to find out more detailed information about this dinosaur theme. 


Mystery Box #2: Way to Glow: Fireflies in a Jar

The “Way to Glow Fireflies in a Jar” Mystery Box on the other hand is all about fireflies. This theme is for you if your little artist is into creating art about the beauty and magic of nature. Kids can experience the thrill of catching fireflies and watching them light up at night. They get to use neon crayons that really bring their artwork to life and make them GLOW! This theme includes a black board designed to clip their art work to and display it.  They can have the wonder of these magical insects in their own bedrooms with the display. Your kids will also get a mini blacklight flashlight as a symbol of fireflies as a mini souvenir from their art adventure.  Once the masterpiece is done and hung, it's GLOW time! Turn off the lights and use your blacklight flashlight to watch the fireflies light up the night!  Learn more about our “Way To Glow Fireflies in a Jar” theme on this link.

Mystery Box #3: No Prob-Llama

The last and most loveable is the “No Prob-Llama” Mystery Box. This theme is perfect for kids who love cute and whimsical animals like llamas. Kids will get to learn about llamas and the box includes mystery art supplies that will help them create their own adorable and trendy llama. Not sure what a llama is or how to make one? No prob-”llama”, because Teacher Joan has their back. A step by step art video tutorial is included in every Mystery Box with Teacher Joan guiding your child all the way through. If you want to learn more about this theme just click this link.

Mystery Box #4: Butterfly Magic

 Guess what? We have a surprise for you! We've put together a brand new mystery box all about these creatures called "Butterfly Magic." Each butterfly is a tiny masterpiece. You can use any vibrant colors that shines when they flutter their wings and dance in the air.  It's filled with magical surprises that will make your art time even more special. This Butterfly Magic Mystery Box includes a step by step art video tutorial with Teacher Joan. Let your little kid’s  imagination soar and create something truly amazing, just like the butterfly. 

Get this special box and let the butterfly magic inspire your little artist creativity! Just click this link.


Mystery Box #5: Road Trip

Buckle up, art adventurers! Get ready for an art-tastic journey like no other! Imagine exploring the world with your art supplies, just like artists on a colorful road trip. Pack your imagination and creativity as we venture through vibrant landscapes and picturesque scenes, all waiting to be brought to life with your artistic touch! Let your colors roam free while painting sunsets, mountains, and smiling faces along the way. Unbox our brand new mystery box, "Road Trip” and you'll discover magical art goodies that will make your creative journey even more exciting! Inside you’ll find road trip themed art supplies, plus a step by step video tutorial with Teacher Joan and some wonderful merch. So fasten your seatbelt, little artists, and let's hit the road to artistic wonderland! Learn more about the road trip mystery box here.

Mystery Box #6: Birds of a Feather
Birds of a feather flock together, each with its own unique colors and enchanting songs. Just like the pictures in your coloring book, these feathered friends are waiting to come to life with your colorful imagination. As you color these birds watch them take flight and hear their sweet melodies filling the air with joy. We've crafted a new mystery box just for you, called "Birds of a Feather." Inside, you'll find a treasure trove of surprises inspired by these magical creatures. This box includes a variety of birds of the feather themed merch, a step-by-step video tutorial with Teacher Joan to guide you in creating stunning artwork, and a collection of wonderful art supplies to unleash your creativity. Surprise your little ones on any occasion with this special box and let the birds' charm inspire your kids creativity! Visit our shop on this link to get it.

So that’s a wrap of all the mystery boxes Fun Art BoxTM has to offer. Have you already chosen a theme that will match your little artist’s interest?  Here’s a more detailed what’s inside the box:

  • Mystery Box for $47
    Each thematic box comes with:
    • Drawing Video Lesson 🎞️
    • Coloring Sheet 🖍️
    • Envelope with 📩
      • Stickers
      • DIY postcard
      • Activity 
      • Enough for you and for a friend
    • Box
      • All the art supplies needed to succeed
      • Step-by-step directions for art project
      • Mailed in a cute branded box
    • 1 Art Activity
      • All the art supplies needed to succeed
    • 1 Video lesson
      • Watch an easy to follow video and create some FABulous art
    • Mini FAB Mail
      • Stickers + cool FAB merch

Avoiding screens for your kids? We also offer Non Tech Boxes that come with written lesson plans instead of videos so your kids can enjoy some screen free time with some art on the go.

Fun Art Box is dedicated to nurturing creativity in children by exploring various ways to foster it. As art educators, we recognize the significance of creativity in a child's growth and development. We aim to provide a secure and supportive environment where children can freely explore their creativity and feel at ease. And so these boxes are worth your every penny as a parent who supports growth for their kids. 

These boxes also make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. With each box containing unique and high-quality art supplies, your child will have everything they need to create their own special imaginative art pieces. Overall, Fun Art Box Mystery Boxes are the perfect way to spark your child's creativity and inspire their imagination. 

So why wait? Order a Fun Art Box Mystery Box today and watch as your child's creativity soars high! 

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