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With GRATITUDE on our minds and kindness in our hearts! 💗💗

Nov 24, 2023

Here at Fun Art Box™ (FAB) we want to share our gratitude with all of our loyal customers and inspire others to come along with us on our creative journey. Fun Art Box™ is a mother daughter duo who have created art drawing videos and more for kids and kids at heart who love to tap into their creative side.   

This past year art teacher Joan and her daughter Catherine, worked endlessly to bring Fun Art Box™ to life so they could give others the opportunity to look at the world through an artist's eyes.  FAB gives both kids and adults an outlet to raise their confidence and self esteem, while working alongside an experienced art educator in a calm and supportive way.  

Art teacher Joan’s ultimate goal is to nurture each individual's creativity, while giving them multiple opportunities to express themselves through their art. 

Fun Art Box™ offers a variety of art education programs including our Mini Masterpiece Drawing Club, Mega Boxes + Merch. FAB's one of a kind, art education products are easily accessible on any device and are delivered in a thoughtful and fun-filled way.  

Fun Art Box™ started with the idea of making art accessible to parents, grandparents, homeschoolers and kids in the comfort of their homes. And what we created is so much more! 

We are grateful to have launched our business this year and are honored to have so many happy customers tap into their creative side. We are thankful to have been able to keep our customers entertained in a positive way while developing art knowledge and skills. 

The best part about Fun Art Box™ is we've done all of the prepping and planning for you! Our lessons are simple, user-friendly and FABulous. 

Art is a common language that transcends across generations. People of all ages and from all walks of life have the unique ability to doodle, draw, paint and sculpt their way to success with the right amount of instruction and encouragement.

At Fun Art Box™ we are so thankful to have formed a team of FABulous individuals with all different backgrounds from across the globe. Our talented team has brought an amazing amount of kindness along with their unique skills for the same mission– giving kids and adults a one-of-a-kind, high-quality art resource to enrich their lives and the lives of others. 

Our mission is founded in the gratitude we have for art and its ability to transform one's mind and bring joy to a person's day. We have poured a great deal of hard work and effort into developing engaging art classes and educational content that make it easy for kids, adults, parents, grandparents and homeschoolers to bring art into their hearts and homes.   


Our team is grateful for:

Going places with Fun Art Box™. We have so many big plans for 2024 including launching LOTS OF NEW PRODUCTS!

  • NEW FAB Birthday Party Packs- Everything you and your guests need to succeed and shipped right to your door. Choose to draw, sculpt or paint and let your imagination run wild!
  • Brand new lessons added to our Mini Masterpiece Drawing Club - Videos released every quarter.
  • NEW! Mini Masterpiece Sculpting Club - Monthly subscription includes instructional videos and art supplies to create mini air dry sculptures.
  • Art in a Flash Art Curriculum Guide is a 250+ page K-5 book. Formats include: Printed, Digital, PowerPoints & Videos. Perfect for art teachers, homeschoolers, substitute teachers, parents & grandparents alike. 
  • Fundraising- Looking to fundraise for a cause that is near and dear to your heart? FAB helps you raise money for your cause either in-person or online. From Girl Scout Groups to School Fundraisers and anything in between- FAB is here to help! Your customers are sure to find something they will love: art boxes, coffee kits, coloring books, stickers, merch and more! PS: We can create custom designed mugs, coffee, stickers and boxes just for you.  

Reaching new friends with technology.  We are so grateful to have Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, and Vimeo.  Follow, like and share with a friend :)

Art is everything at FAB.  We are all about inspiring minds to tap into your creative side. We make fun and educational products available to everyone. We want to encourage people to explore art whenever possible. People have always used art to express themselves and to relieve everyday stress. 

Togetherness is what makes it all worthwhile.  We wanted to create a judgment free and accessible community where we can all create, share, and connect.  The sense of having a diverse community of other art-minded friends is why we do what we do.  We love hearing your stories, laughter, and questions to make this community of Fun Art Box™ even better. 

Imagination to create and think outside the box. We have the ability to come up with unique ideas and then put those intangible thoughts into reality through art. How cool is that?! Our art products and art lessons help expand your imagination and give it a place to play.

Testimonials from our customers and friends, warm our hearts and fill us with so much thanks.  We are grateful to hear your stories about how Fun Art Box™ has impacted your life. We have heard from so many people how FAB has made them feel relaxed, happy, confident, joyful, and creative.  Seeing your art, hearing your stories, and connecting with you makes us smile and we love smiling ! 😀

Understanding art and the need for an art box service was the reason the founders of Fun Art Box™ started this company.  Joan is a teacher and knows that creating meaningful and memorable art activities can be hard. She wanted to create a one stop shop for teachers, therapists, parents, and kids to find high quality art lessons, supplies and merch delivered right to your door.  Her educational expertise makes Fun Art Box™ a trusted resource.

Doodling, drawing, painting and sculpting are amazing places to start your art journey! And oh my goodness, we are thankful to offer all these options.  

Education on demand, delivered in a fun way is something we specialize in. Our motto is “just press play”! We make it easy to learn and create on the go. Learning is good for our bodies and our minds.  The skills we provide through our online art classes will work your brain in an enjoyable way.

We just wanted to say thank you for being here on our blog and taking time to learn about Fun Art Box™.  We're here to support you in your creative endeavors and are excited to create a positive community of people who want to explore and use their imaginations.  

We have designed this FREE “Gingerbread House" lesson especially for you!  Sit back, relax and create art during this holiday season. We hope you have a peaceful rest of the year.

We would love to hear your story and see your masterpieces, and we are happy you stopped by!



The FAB Team

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