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Step into the World of Creativity with Fun Art Box™!

fun art box products mega box mix and match mystery box May 04, 2023

 Explore our Collection of Mix and Match, Mystery Boxes and Mega Boxes!

Dear Parents/Art Lovers/Art Enthusiast, 

Have you ever found yourself at home looking for a fun and creative way with your kids to pass the time? Well, Fun Art Box got your back. 

Want to know more? Read along this article to know more about how Fun Art Box can help you solve your problem. 

Welcome to the world of Fun Art Box, where imagination and creativity come to life! Our mission is to inspire and encourage children to express themselves through art by providing them with the tools and art supplies they need to create their own unique art masterpieces. We have a variety of art collections and art supplies to choose from which we will discuss each in this article. These art lessons and supplies were carefully curated and designed to spark creativity and offer endless hours of fun for your kids, perfect choice for busy parents who want to encourage their children's artistic growth. 

A little more about Fun Art Box

I’m Teacher Joan together with my daughter Catherine Borzym founded Fun Art Box last 2020 during the pandemic. I’ve taught over 10,000 students since 1995 to explore, understand, and appreciate art. An Elementary Art Educator with my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. While Catherine, is a designer and artist. She thinks in pictures and graphics. Our goal is to support parents and art therapists, by creating a variety of hands-on art experiences for kids. 

Fun Art Box’s Art Products

Here are our wonderful wide range of art products that we currently offer in our community. These are perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels. 

  • Mix & Match Fun Art Box’s Mix and Match art drawing and coloring collection offers a a fun and interactive experience for kids all ages, and for a limited time, it is available for the price of just $9.97. Each lesson in our Mix & Match collection includes a step by step art video tutorial guided by Teacher Joan that gives helpful tips and techniques that will make easy for kids to follow along and create beautiful masterpieces. Whether your child is interested in drawing animals, flowers or cartoon characters, our collection has something for everyone. Check out Mix & Match products here. [insert link]

  • Mystery Box Surprise your little artist with Fun Art Box™’s Mystery Box. Mystery Box is a perfect gift for little artists who love to experiment with available themed art supplies which they are going to use for the themed art lesson. These mystery boxes contain surprises from exciting themes you get to choose from. Our three main themes are Dinosaur You are Rawrsome, No Prob-Llama, and Way to Glow Fireflies in a Jar. These boxes comes with a themed drawing lessons, coloring sheet, art activity ideas and cute themed stickers. All of this for $47 only. You can check each mystery box here. [insert link]

  • Mega Box Last but not the least, our Mega Box. Nurture your child's gift of creativity and talent with Teacher Joan's art courses through Fun Art Box's Mega Box. For only $97, your kids will enjoy lifetime access to videos plus our Fun Art Box art supplies that allow your kids to doodle, draw, paint & sculpt. This Mega Box includes art courses to choose from like birds, coral reefs, on the farm, sweets and treats, and insects. This also comes with merchandise like stickers, buttons and ornaments. Plus, all this is shipped right to your door for free.

Overall, all of these products mentioned above are worth of your money. Why? Fun Art Box provides expert guidance, our online art lessons are created by our Art Teacher Joan. Fun Art Box always finds ways on how to foster creativity in children. Art teachers like us understand that creativity is an important aspect of a child's development. We're committed to providing high-quality art supplies and lessons for kids. Your child will have everything they need to experience fun and discover their inner artist and you will be surprise how kids can go further with our art lessons.

Come join us here at Fun Art Box for kids and watch their creativity soar! See you there!




Teacher Joan

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