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Come Draw With Us, It’s a Free Bee Lesson

art lesson free bee art lesson freebie how to draw a bee Apr 14, 2023

Sample our Mix & Match today with our Free Bee Lesson.  But “where's the bee” you say? Don’t you worry, we've got you covered, honey. We will teach you how to draw your very own honey bees in this free, 30 + minute video art class. This easy to follow, step by step video will unleash your imagination, tap into your creativity and cultivate your artistic abilities.  So don't wait, take us up on this sweet offer today by buzzing over to Come join us today and get a taste of our Mix & Match  for Free. 

Fun Art Box is pleased to feature Art Teacher, Joan who has taught over 10,000 children during her 25 + year teaching career.  As a professional art teacher, she has developed a wide variety of kid tested and parent approved art lessons and videos created especially for kids and for “kids at heart”. Art projects are taught in a positive learning environment and can either be created independently or as a  fun family activity and are sure to please!    

Every video lesson begins with a Shared Read-Aloud in order to engage students in the creative process.  Lessons explore the 7 Elements of Art that include Line, Color, Texture, Shape, Space, Value and Form and encourage you to create your project using the Elements of Art.  Teacher Joan integrates a variety of different drawing techniques in order to develop new drawing skills into each lesson.  She encourages you to overlap shapes to create new and different shapes, and teaches you how to create the illusion of space by creating foreground, middle ground and background in your art. Each video stretches your imagination, develops new art knowledge and skills and builds self confidence in your artistic abilities.  

First, Teacher Joan draws along with you as she walks you through the process of  creating your honey bee drawing. She starts out by sharing a step by step handout and demonstrates how to draw the body of each bee using oval shapes. She then  demonstrates how to overlap geometric shapes including overlapping circles on top of each oval body to create the initial shape of her honeybees.   She then adds important details including circles for eyes and triangles for stingers.  She completes each bee individually by adding  important details including horizontal lines for stripes and tops each bee off with diagonal lines for antennas.  Best of all she encourages students to work at their own pace and to pause the video whenever necessary to meet the needs of each individual learner.

Next she outlines her project using a dark colored marker and then adds a variety of colors in the foreground, middle ground and background of her  honey bee project using a variety of multicolored colored crayons and markers in order to complete her Mini Masterpiece!

Throughout the tutorial, Joan provides helpful tips and encouragement as students draw alongside her as she encourages them to have fun with their art in a low stress environment.  By the end of the video, students gain a sense of pride and  accomplishment in their art.  They develop self confidence and are excited to apply their new drawing skills on other Mix & Match! With her guidance and her contagious enthusiasm for teaching,  students are sure to enjoy the creative process, develop new art knowledge and skills while developing a lifelong love for learning.  

At Fun Art Box, we understand the struggles of trying to plan meaningful and memorable art activities for our children. But we believe that art should be a source of joy, not stress. That's why we are here to support you and make it easy to create impactful and educational art experiences for kids and for “kids at heart”. Take the burden off your shoulders and let Fun Art Box be your guide and “go-to” resource for art instruction. Transform your child’s imagination into works of art with the Mix & Match!

This Mix & Match offers lessons that can be created independently or as a group right in the comfort of  your home.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to try us out for free and then give the gift of art to a loved one who enjoys tapping into their artistic side.  Nurture their creativity and allow us to  guide them through the creative process.  

This is not just any ordinary art class - it's an opportunity for people to delve into the world of art and explore various art concepts and drawing techniques taught by an expert art teacher. These art classes truly empower everyone to express themselves through their art and to grow as artists and as individuals. Give the gift of a Fun Art Box™ Mix & Match to unleash their imagination, tap into their creativity and cultivate their artistic abilities. 

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